Brandy Gitzinger

Brandy grew up dancing and was thrilled to discover that practicing Pilates made her an even stronger dancer. While obtaining her business degree at Orange Coast College she discovered their Pilates certification program. Delving deeper into her Pilates passion and honing her skills, she recently earned her Pilates teaching certificate. Brandy’s new talents and sunny disposition are now available at our RSM Studio.
Brandy can’t get enough movement in her life. She knows that everyone deserves the freedom of movement afforded by a strong, flexible body. She feels that the Pilates method is the best way to stay active throughout a lifetime because it’s suitable for everyone and connects the mind and body for a long, happy, healthy life.
Brandy loves being a part of the Pure Pilates team, helping clients achieve their fitness goals. When Brandy is not teaching she enjoys going for walks in the fresh air, practicing yoga, and baking sweet treats!

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