Dawn Brazil

From the very first moment on the Pilates Reformer, I was hooked. How precise the movement could be with good cueing was so amazing. It was all the details, the mindfulness, the precision, the flow, the movement and the deep connection to all those little muscles I didn’t know I had. I knew then this was for me and always would be. Having back issues from previous injury, Pilates became my savior. Being an old soul, the history of Joseph Pilates also intrigued me and I fell more in love with the method. In 2011, with the support of my husband, I decided to learn to teach this beautiful art form through BASI Pilates. I feel so passionate and blessed to have this in my life and to be able to share those amazing details that keep our mind and body connected, safe, healthy and functional. I have made wonderful friends through Pilates. The people I meet touch my heart and inspire me to grow as an instructor and as a person.

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