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Group Classes

If you’re ready to step it up, consider class in session. Our group reformer classes are offered seven days a week, and there’s one for every fitness level. While our sessions are centered around the Pilates reformer, they also incorporate exercises using the mat, jumpboard, box, magic circle, stability ball, hand weights and therabands.

Intro to Pilates / Level 1 Class
New around here? No problem. Our Intro to Pilates class will help you learn the basic Pilates exercises and the concepts behind them.

Pilates for All Levels
Want to feel longer and leaner (who doesn’t?)? This well-rounded workout focuses on strengthening the entire body – especially the core – with exercises that emphasize coordination, balance and flexibility.

Pilates for Strength & Sculpt 1
Pump up basic Pilates concepts with an emphasis on building lean muscle mass.

Pilates for Strength & Sculpt 2
When you’re ready for more strength, we’ve got it here. Take this class if you’re familiar with Strength & Sculpt 1 and are looking for the next level of fitness.

Pilates for Cardio & Strength
Get your heart rate pounding while staying true to your Pilates routine. We use the jumpboard for that cardio burn.

Pilates/infinity Bar
Experience an infinitely different Pilates workout! Our Balanced Body reformers feature the Infinity Bar which travels the length of the machine giving you a fresh, fun take on the spectacular benefits of the Pilates method!

Pilates Challenge
We never said it would be easy. Pilates Challenge will – you guessed it – challenge your strength, coordination and maybe even your creativity (Cirque de Soleil, anyone?).

Pilates Bootcamp
Drop and give us your best! This butt-kicking workout is tough – but we promise it’ll be fun, too.

Pilates for Teens
Designed especially for teens, this core-centered class helps younger clients build strength, stand taller, improve posture and feel more confident – a must for any teen.

Pilates for Restorative
If you’re injured or need a little extra care, this is the Pilates class for you. Rest assured we’ll take care of you.