Just Breathe
Teacher Training Faq

What is the cost of the program?
The program is currently being offered at $3,500. The full amount is due by one week prior to the class start time.

Is there a payment plan?
We will allow you to make two payments..

What are the requirements for the certification program?
Our 8-session program begins on a Sunday and concludes on the Sunday, 8 weeks after. The sessions will run from 12:30-7:30 (please see program schedule for specific dates and times). On the last session date, we will hold our “Training Test-Out,” which comprises a multiple-choice exam and a research paper. You will also be tested on teaching a group class to your peers. You must pass each of
these components with a grade of 80% or better.

Once the program concludes, you are expected to complete your certification hours. The certification hours include 100 teaching hours (60 teaching practice, 40 assistant teaching), 100 observation hours, and 160 self-practice hours. We encourage you to begin collecting hours at the start of the program. Once you have completed the majority of the hours, you are expected to return for your “Final Test‐Out,” which will take place in September and October. You will be tested on teaching both a group class and a private session with volunteers at the studio. All volunteers will be chosen by Pure Pilates.

In order to receive the Pure Pilates certification, you must pass all testing components (multiple-choice exam, research paper, teach one group class, and teach one private session) with a grade of 80% or better. Ultimately, you must also complete the 400-hour requirement (65 hours in sessions, 100 teaching hours, 100 hours of observation, 100 hours of self-practice).

What do the teaching hour requirements entail?
The Pure Pilates certification requires a total of 100 logged teaching hours to qualify for the
certification. Immediately upon starting the program, we highly encourage you to begin practicing
on family, friends, and your colleagues in the program (without compensation). There is no better
way to learn how to teach than practice. We will require you to log 60 teaching hours as well as 40 assistant teaching hours. You will have the ability to work with the Pure Pilates instructors involved in the Teacher Training Program and assistant-teach with them. It is to your advantage to work with everyone to get the most varied feedback.

Can you tell me more about the observation hours?
You will be required to log 100 observation hours, which means simply observing the classes of
experienced instructors. You can attend a class at Pure Pilates (with prior permission) to observe
and take notes. Half of the 100 hours can be logged by watching classes on www.pilatesanytime.com.
We will require you to be specific in logging your hours (a sample sign-in sheet will be
provided). You are encouraged to seek variety in your observation hours.

What does “self‐practice” mean?
“Self-practice” hours refer to the time you spend practicing Pilates by yourself, or taking group
classes or private sessions. There is no better way to learn the material than personally
practicing it yourself. We require you to log 100 self-practice hours.

How long will the certification process take?
The modules will take place over a 3-­‐month period. You will be required to collect hours after
the training concludes and then return in 2 or 3 months to “test-out.” While we strongly
encourage everyone to complete their certification in 6 months, we understand that some of you may have full-time commitments, so the pace is ultimately up to you.

What type of certification will I receive?
The certification you receive is a private Pilates certification by Pure Pilates.

Does completing the Pure Pilates certification mean that I will get hired to teach at Pure Pilates?
Although, we would love to hire each and every one of you, it is beyond our means. Hiring is always
dependent on shift availability and studio needs. We will support you in your job search endeavors.

Where will the training sessions be held?
The training will be at the Laguna Niguel location.

What if I can’t make all of the sessions?
If you must miss a session, you will be required to pass our session quiz with a rate of 70% or better. You can only miss a maximum of two sessions, unless prior arrangements have been made.